DSC Carbon Torsion Ring Bar

R450.00 per cm

Pattern: Torsion Twist
Layers: 160
Carbon/Inox: Carbon  (non-stainless)
Composition: 1.2842 / AISI O2 / K720 (dark) : 1.2767 / AISI 6F7 (bright)
Country of origin: Germany
Manufacturer: BalbachDamast
High Hardness: Up to 63 HRC
Surface: Raw / ungrinded

Priced per 1 cm (10mm) linear length (qty 1 = 1cm).

SKU: dsc-carbon-torsion-ring-bar Material: Pattern:
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Manufactured by Markus Balbach in Germany, the Balbach Damascus Steel is supplied by Balbachdamast South Africa. This steel is produced using a patented weld bonding process which prevents the build-up of contaminants in the steel to ensure the steel is free from delaminations and thereby earns the designation, DSC® – Superclean.

Steel Colour C % Ni % Cr % Mo % V % W % Mn %
1.2842 Dark 0.90 0.35 0.10 2.00
1.2767 Light 0.45 4.00 1.35 0.25 0.40


1.2767 is a nickel alloyed steel for through hardening, with moderate machinability; very high resistance against bending and high compressive strength; very high toughness and good through hardenability. It is particularly suitable for high polishing with mirror finish.

1.2842 is an Oil hardening, dimensionally stable tool steel usually used for tools (punches) and dies for blanking, punching and similar operations; threading and woodworking tools, machine knives for the pulp, paper and metalworking industries; measuring tools and plastic moulding dies.

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