Our imported Balbachdamast patented materials have many different uses, such as cutlery, weapons, watches, jewelry, blacksmithing, golf clubs, and fittings.

Follow along on Instagram, as craftsmen and women from around the globe, use our materials in their creations to stunning effect. Local artists are encouraged to use the hashtag #balbachdamast_sa or #balbachdamast to appear on this page as well as the Balbachdamast Supporters Facebook group.

Creators Work

We have been supporting craftspeople around the country, here’s the proof!

© Copyright Pictures and videos that are published on Balbachdamast.co.za are only allowed to be download for personal use. Express written permission must be granted, on behalf of the different photographers, knifemakers, in order to use these pictures for any other purpose and use than personal enjoyment.

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If you would like to feature your work in our gallery, please provide us with the following information and we will get your photo added. We may also use this information in our social media feeds and campaigns.

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