As a long-term specialist in the production of Damascus steel, we are pleased to add DSC® Titan to our stock range for the South African market.

Titanium has outstanding characteristics such as corrosion resistance, high strength, and low weight is often used in aviation applications.

The unique DSC® Titan is a two (2) alloy Titanium Damasacus with an attractive colorful appearance and comes in a myriad of Damascus-like pattern variations, for decorative applications such as accent pieces on custom handmade knives, watches jewelry and or eyeglass frames.

What is Titanium Damascus

Sometimes referred to as “Titanium Damascus”, “Titanium Mokume”, Blackmascus or even Rainbow Damascus, it consists of multiple Titanium alloys that are forged together by heat and pressure in a process that is similar to steel damascus, and are then formed into a bar or rod (round bar).

This process forms the lines/patterns that you see in the metal itself. When heated, the Titanium alloys respond distinctly to the heat and cause multiple colors to appear on the surface of the item.


This unique titanium Damascus is produced using two grades of titanium. Our process is based on the tried and true methods applied in the production of our DSC® Damascus SuperClean. We can, therefore, guarantee high quality and consistent product for our DSC® Titan.


  • Lighter than steel
  • Absolutely stainless and rust free
  • Controllable coloration by heat treatment
  • Various dimensions and patterns available
  • Reliability (e.g. consistent product with fault free welds)
  • Spring stiffness possible (for clips etc.) “Beta”

Titan Patterns:

DSC® Titan is available in various patterns and is able to exhibit a range of colours for applications such as jewelry, eyeglass frames or high-end cutlery.


Working DSC® Titan is essentially the same as any other titanium alloy except when milling. The blended types of titanium have different harnesses sandwiched throughout the bar stock. The varying hard and soft areas can cause wear on the cutting edges of tools.

Therefore Climb Milling is recommended over conventional milling, along with the use of a water-based coolant. We recommend using a round-cornered cutter whenever possible. We found these tools held up better during machining.

The following tips for its successful manufacturing:

  • Use low cutting speeds
  • Maintain high feed rates
  • Use generous amounts of cutting fluid
  • Use sharp tools and replace them at the first sign of wear.
  • Tool coatings like AlTiN, which can increase the lubricity of the tool and reduce galling.
  • Never stop feeding while a tool and a workpiece are in moving contact


Titanium can be finished in numerous ways. It can be polished, satin-finished, bead blasted, etc. A highly polished finish will produce the brightest colors where as a satin finish can produce the most visually contrasting appearance.


DSC® Titan can be colored by heat and/or anodizing. The current mix of alloys seems to show more contrast through the use of heat rather than anodizing. When heat treated colours range from blues, yellows, purples, bronzes and golds to create a unique finish!

Speaking of unique:

Entrust us with your ideas and their implementation, simply give us your requirements and we will produce DSC® Titan to your custom specifications. For further information or a quotation please fill in the below form and we’ll respond to you within a few hours.

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