Balbach have been producing custom Damascus steel since 1991 and we are pleased to add DSC® Inox to our stock range for the South African market.

DSC® Inox is a stainless, martensitic damascus steel and composed of Bohler-Uddeholm’s popular N690 (bright) and Buderus’ Nitro-B (dark) mono steels that produces a good cutting edge, a very fine structure and high working hardness.

We can supply both flat and round stock in various patterns.


DSC® stands for Damascus SuperClean, which was entered as a trademark at the German Trademark and Patent Office. This stainless steel is specially created through a weld bonding process which prevents the build-up of contaminants in the steel resulting in solid welded seams. This process gives us 120-450 layers, with other layer and component combinations possible per request.


Supplied in the annealed condition with a hardness of about 22-27 HRC. If milling or working on the lathe, heavier feeds and slower speeds are employed to reduce tool build up and minimise work hardening.

Where possible it is recommended that cutting tools with chip breakers or curlers be used. You will find detailed information on working and processing as well as heat treatment and the etching process here.

Etching DSC® Inox  is not as complicated as many people tend to believe. It is a straightforward process, which is used to enhance the appearance of the blade by exposing the pattern. For information on this process, please refer to our blog post on “How to Etch Stainless Damascus Steel“.


  • SuperClean layer welds
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Multiple options, patterns and dimensions
  • High edge holding
  • High hardening possible (up to 62 HRC)
  • Fit for food contact
  • Very low distortion during heat treatment

Inox Patterns: DSC® Inox is available in various patterns.

Other available patterns are:

There are a few other hand-forged patterns available for special builds. These are Neo-Lester, Feather, Spirograph, Frequency, Mosaic, SanMai, Wave, Beams, Zebra.

Speaking of unique:

Entrust us with your ideas and their implementation, simply give us your requirements and we will produce DSC® Inox to your custom specifications. For further information or a quotation please fill in the below form and we’ll respond to you within a few hours.

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