Balbachdamast South Africa

BalbachDamast South Africa was founded by Andrew Bell and Anthony Topham in 2017 with the idea to support the local knifemaking and jewelry industry supplying high-quality materials and a reasonable price point.

Today we import a range of specialty, stainless steel (Inox & Inox-S) and non-stainless (carbon) damascus knifemaking steels from Germany. We are the official sales/distribution partner of Balbach Damast Germany, for the Southern Africa territory.

They are both active members of the North Coast and Pietermaritzburg Knifemaking Clubs.

Come meet us us at some of the local knife shows include the Durban Easter Knife Show (DEKS), Brooklyn Knife Show and Knifemakers Guild of Southern Africa Show.

Andrew and Anthony with MS Kevin Harvey
Andrew Bell, MS Kevin Harvey & Anthony Topham

9 Unique Patterns To Choose From.

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History of Balbach Forge

The Balbach forge is known to knife makers and knife fans on all continents for the fine damascus that they produce.

Established in 1963 as an artesan forge by Eduard Balbach, the forge still exists in the German city of Iserlohn. It is run by master blacksmith Markus Balbach as a second-generation family business. In 1991 Markus Balbach set up a second forge, located in Laubuseschbach in the central German region of Hesse. There he started doing research and development on damascus steels and finally managed to produce them on an industrial scale.

In 1991 after many years of research and development, they patented their manufacturing process for stainless damascus steel and developed into the specialist manufacturer they are today. The manufacturing process has meanwhile been patented and the name DSC © (Damascus Super Clean) is protected by trademark law at the German Patent Office. Super Clean means that customers are guaranteed that there are no forging defects in the structure of the steel.

Now, this family business provides large industrial companies as well as small artisanal cutlery stores.

Markus and Lukas Balbach
350Markus (left) and Lukas (right) Balbach stand for the quality of the Balbach Forge.

Both DSC © Inox and DSC © Inox-S are approved by the EU for the processing of foodstuffs (ie: Food safe)

Production and image video about the production of our steels

As a result of Balbach’s cooperation with the German-American company GASTON J. GLOCK style LP, the above video was produced, showing the traditional fabrication of our damask steels.

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